Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Ruffle Ballet Flats

Today, my husband called me from the studio. He's still recording. And he talked about watching a movie tonight. After the girls went to bed. Sounded good to me. But that meant, I needed some Target popcorn. No other popcorn even comes close to how good Target's popcorn is.

So I loaded up the girls. And we went to Target. You can't go to Target without looking. My basket magically appeared in the shoe department. Where I found these lovely shoes! For only $12.99. And I couldn't resist. I bought them. Along with an outfit for each of our girls. :)

These shoes are so comfy! And they're a taupe color. To me, they can go with just about any outfit! I love them! Being a mom, I need some comfy shoes that I can chase after the girls in. And these are them. Wow! I'm glad we decided to watch a movie tonight. ~A