Monday, August 2, 2010

Play Time

I don't know. Maybe 2 months ago, I was doing some online "Window Shopping." And I was dreaming of buying this for Sophia. I know she would really love it!

Isn't this pink kitchen just what every little girl would love? For just these 3 pieces, we're talking $700!

And this little table and chair set, it's $450! But I can dream right? At least for my little girls.

Well, I wasn't sure why my husband agreed to work this tour. He has more than enough work around here. But I realized why when we got a delivery today! He had seen these 2 things bookmarked on out computer. And he really liked them.

Have I mentioned that my husband made me wait to have kids? He wanted to make sure that we were financially stable, had a home, and all that jazz. Well, we had all that. And we moved. I finally talked him into having a baby. And Sophia, she just melted her daddy's heart!

He bought this entire set. A surprise to all of us. And was I ever surprised! I cried when I realized what he had done. Sacrificed so much, to give out girls some fun stuff to play with. We don't spoil our kids. Not rotten anyway. And we make them respect what they have. But for my husband to do this, it meant a lot to me.

So as I type this, he's playing with Sophia. They're having a tea party. Using her new toys. And our little one, she's having a late snack here. But we're lucky. We have a man that loves the 3 of us so very much! Enough to hit the road, on a tour, to make a few dreams come true. ~A